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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  October 18, 2014 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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there's not one way to do something. no details too small. american express open forum. this is what membership is. this is what membership does. happy friday. if you watched any of the news today, paid attention to the headlines or anything, you are forgiven if you felt a little nauseated when you realized today that the word of the day in today's news was once again going to be the word czar. this used to be a normal word in regular conversation, regular political analysis. even talk about policy and getting stuff done. err even if you were just talking about russian history or whatever, it used to be just another word.
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it did not give you that hairball feeling. if the word czar makes you have a bad feeling now, it is for a reason. it is because of what we went through as a country surrounding this word. in 20 0 9, do you remember what fox news was like about this word? do you remember what it was like? this is real. we did not make this up in any time. this is from the television in 2009. this is real and we did not make it up or edit it in any way and this is from the television in 2009. >> he's now appointed a border czar. another czar. when i looked up czar in the dictionary, the word that came up is king. i was wondering myself why we are having so many czars/kings now in america.
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does anybody have the answer for me? >> every problem has a czar. king of the border, king of drugs, king of the car problem. >> king of the world! no, wait, that is leonardo dicaprio. when you think about it, czar is a russian word. on the big screen up there, we put up the russian czars through history. that is horrible. when you look at the number of czars we've got right now, and there's another four right there and it keeps going on. when you look at the number of czars in the united states, yeah, look, we've got a border czar and a drug czar. >> these are actually present day people. >> yes, these are actually >> yes. he's installed a bunch of czars. look at that. >> i thought i lived in america. the big headlight. and now we're russia. that is what it was like. that is why it makes your stomach curdle like old milk left in a dirty bottle in the sun.
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because that is how the whole czar idea got talked about on places like fox news when we went through it last in 2009. i should say the redeeming value did lead to one of the greatest show rejoineders of all-time. >> god forbid we hear about obama appointing all of these czars. >> when i looked up czar in the dictionary or googled it, the word that came up was king. and i was wondering to myself why we were having so many czars. >> czar? you didn't know what a czar was? how do you get a job on television that you need to pin your address to a coat so that a strapb tur to help them find
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their way home, unless, unless, unless you are just dumbing yourself down to connect with an audience you think sees intellect as in elitist flaw. that would be easy to check. i googled gretchen carlson and guess what came up. she was valedictorian of her high school and went to stanford and spent time studying abroad at oxford. yeah, not the mississippi oxford. the europe one. not to mention she won the miss ms. america crown in 1989 by doing this. holy [expletive]. a classical rendition of [ speaking foreign language ] and if you know anything about
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that you know that's one of the harder wisens. just because you're on the couch with jack tripper and janet doesn't mean you have to pretend to be chrissy. so i don't want to have to turn you on tomorrow and see you're actually surprised that the interior secretary is in charge of the outside stuff. from now on, i want to see you give it 120%. >> yes, so the czar thing was painfully stupid in a way that still hurts five years later. but in the obama presidency, the point people on response of specific policy matters, it really was a huge, conservative media freakout and a huge republican party freakout in washington. of all the biggest, dumb political stories, it was the biggest of the dumbest stories.
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>> the czars are the issue. we have about two dozen czars, all of these czars in the white house. >> the president of the united states should cease and desist with any appointing of czars. >> you know, the constitution of the united states doesn't get read enough in this building. nowhere in this document can i find the word czar? >> who came up with czar? i could see car czar, because it rhymes. but all the others fell to me on deaf ears. >> i think the president just likes the term.
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i don't know. as you know, a czar is russia and it had czars over a three-year period of time. i don't really know. >> maybe this president just likes the idea of turning us into russia. and not the good, putin russia. that specific congressman there lamenting the sound of the word czar on fox news is named jack kingston. he was one of the republican members of congress that filed legislation. the jack kingston legislation would have blocked the president to appoint the president's action on an area of policy, which before 2009 was a totally uncontroversial technique that nobody talked about in a way that made you hate the sound of that word. that was our national experience in 2009. but 2009 was really the heat of
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the moment around that. in 2010 and 2011, republicans and our friends at the fox news channel didn't move on to other sources of excitement. there was the new black panther party that they had gotten excited about. that pretty much riveted them for all of 2010. that was the obamacare thing to get excited about, as well. so after 2009 they did get into other things and they forgot that they did hate these czars so much. that was the most interesting thing in washington. they forgot so much about how they hated czars, by the time the ebola crisis rolled around in 2014, this guy said the whole reason we have czars is because president obama likes the sound of it. he wants to turn us into russia. that same congressman this year just published an oped.
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we need an ebola czar. and we know he wrote his own headline because he posted it on his own congressional web site under his own picture. we need an ebola czar says the man who tried to ban czars. and jerry moran from kansas, frank wolf from virginia, they just put out a joint statement demanding the obama administration have an ebola czar. john mccain had been tweeting how president obama had more czars than the actual czars had czars. that was 2009. john mccain went on cnn to stare his former self in the face and say the new john mccain likes the czar, and in fact, demands a czar. >> i would say that we don't
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know exactly who is in charge. there has to be some kind of czar. >> i do not know whether this sort of thing is evidence of the fact that smart people do not go into politics anymore, or if this is the reason that smart people don't go into politics anymore because our politics is like this. but this really is how stupid our politics is with issues around czars and stuff. it almost goes without saying that after republicans demanding that he appoint an ebola czar, saying he has been irresponsible as long as he doesn't appoint an ebola czar, and now that he appoints an ebola czar, the republican response? say it with me, now.
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we tkoepbd need an ebola czar. that was the response today of senator ted cruz of texas. he chose ron clain, who is the chief of staff to attorney janet reno. he was a top adviser to president obama directly. all of that has led to republican criticism that, well, he's not a doctor. it should be clear that the ebola czar should not be inserting iv lines, what they're supposed to do is coordinate all the different parts of the administration's government response to the ebola crisis. the person who had the closest thing to this job as klain today, she and susan rice were basically taking on this role of coordinating the administration's response to ebola. but these two high-ranking
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officials do have other stuff to do given that they are the top officials in counter terrorism issues and homeland security. a white house official is pleased with how they've done in their response to ebola. quote, given their other homeland priorities -- that's the idea, to bring more management reign and more band width, more coordinating capacity to the response by making one person responsible for knowing all the different things the government is doing. also, if you call them a czar, he can be a king. he can be the king of this deadly virus. or at least he will be the next time you watch fox news. i am telling you this is all coming back.
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there's a rich vein of profound stupidity on issues like this when they get discussed in washington. on issues like this, in the insult spear that we call policy political complaint, otherwise known as congress, is on tv and in recess. despite that stupidity in the partisans fight on this stuff, there's a matter of getting the stuff done on this very real crisis, and if we put aside from ban czars, apparent a czar, if we put aside all of this nonsense, if you put that stupidity aside, is picking a point person, somebody to coordinate the administration's response on the policy matter, is that in fact a good way to insure that good policy is made and smart actions are taken on that policy matter? historically speaking, if this has been done not in the obama
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administration and the previous administration, but in lots of centuries, maybe this is the way to deal with this. the ebola crisis is different stuff, and it's a fast-changing and very challenging thing that brings out the worse in everyone. is it a good thing that somebody like ron, an experienced management guy that knows everybody in government, is it smart, historically speaking to put somebody like that in charge of a big government response like this? what do we know about how to predict whether this will work? joining us now is our presidential historian, and it's always a pleasure to have you here. >> me, too. thanks, rachel. >> why do presidents typically appoint a czar or somebody like this? are there particular problems that presidents liking to throw solutions liking this at?
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>> usually there's a crisis and what the president does is says the federal government can do some things well and maybe not a lot of things but some things, and when a crisis comes along there is conflict between agencies, and they don't focus and get distracted, and that's where the presidents in history have appointed a czar. franklin roosevelt who pop liesed all of this during world war ii, he hired a guy, a famous ship builder and said this is the number of ships i want you to over see and make sure they get built, and kaiser came in and that was done. >> hiring a ship building guy in order to get more ships built, that seems right on the nose. there is criticism that this guy is not a doctor and this is a medical matter, and is subject matter direct personal expertise always what presidents go for?
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>> president nixon in 1973 in the time of the energy crisis appointed william simon as our first energy czar, and simon was a very tough manager and knew nothing about energy, and he was a bond trader on wall street, but it does help to have some technical expertise, and not even ron would argue he has that background and what he does have is a lot of government experience and the ability to knock heads together on behalf of the president to get things done, and the other thing is, one thing that could be very important during the next number of months is he is going to have to say a lot of things in public that will give the public the impression that the government is doing what it should, and taking it seriously, but not go too far as to alarm people. that's something that requires a lot of sensitivity and we will see if he has that. >> definitely implies that he
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has the direct personal trust of the vice president and the president himself. the most interesting thing we know about his resume, the advisory president and the president fought about him about who was going to get him in this office, and when the presidents essentially have an envoy, and not senate approved or a cabinet office but somebody they picked to run something, is there direct connection to the president and the president's faith in them part of the power to them getting stuff done? >> hugely, it's essential. a czar has to be able to go to an agency and say i tell you to do this and i am telling you on behalf of the president, listen to what i am saying as if he were talking to you myself. after 9/11, a lot of americans in washington felt that the reason 9/11 happened were agencies in our government were not talking to each other enough, and president bush
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intelligently appointed the first homeland security czar, and he was able to come in and make some rational structure where there had not been one before. >> and speak from a position that definitely had the trust of the president. >> thank you for helping us rise above eubgy mire. >> trying to up the panic because it might help him? one of my least favorite stories in a long time. stay with us. your car's not in . yeah. it's in the shop. it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. that's hilarious. i'm sorry. you shoulda taken it to midas. get some of that midas touch. they'll tell you what stuff needs fixing, and what stuff can wait. all right. next time i'm going to midas. high-five! arg! did not see that coming. [ male announcer ] get the midas touch maintenance package including an oil change for only $24.99.
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new aleve pm the only one with a sleep aid. plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. map time. here we have the surprisingly large number of states in which the top of the ticket race in this year's elections are currently tied. tied directly or at least within the margin of error in recent polling. this is the number of senate races that are tied right now. and this is all of the races for governor that are tied right now. one, state that didn't change when we just did those two maps, one state in which both the senate race and governor's race be both statistically tied is the great state of kansas. and in the u.s. senate race, republican senator pat roberts fighting to keep the independent, greg orman, from keeping his seat in the race.
3:23 am
but in the state facing two top-of-the-ticket races that are that close, that are essentially tied, this is what they're fighting about in kansas right now. more than 20,000 people who have registered to vote in the state or who have tried to register to vote in the state but the kansas republican secretary of state chris kobak does not consider those more than 20,000 people to be actual voters. he does not consider them to be properly registered and as much he does not plan on letting them vote. >> we're a country of laws and it's possible for everybody who is a u.s. citizen to vote in kansas, and i think it's really irresponsible to suggest that citizens are being denied the right to vote. she says these people are disinfranchised. no, they did not complete the registration. >> they have to prove it
3:24 am
themselves and that's wrong, and that's not american. under kansas secretary of state developed something to keep people from being allowed to vote. and sometimes that kind of thing is a real sleeper issue. but in a year when the governor's race is tied and the senate race is tied and even chris kobak's on race is pretty close, all of the sudden, the idea that 22,000 people in that state are essentially an attempted repbl stgistered vote. that's an issue with big implications for everybody. joining us is our guest. so those 22,000 voters registers
3:25 am
are in limbo, and if it works out they are not able to vote, presumably that is the kind of margin that could be significant in kansas this year. >> 20,000 votes is huge, especially when the -- the impetus for this is voter fraud and he can only find a handful, five or ten votes that can be fraudulent compared to 20,000 people that can't vote, that would definitely swing an election. >> do voters in kansas believe that voter fraud is as big as chris says it is, and in order to get the hurdles put in place is that these new drastic measures need to be taken. >> this is a real problem all across the country, really, because fraud has powerful connotations, and nobody is for fraud and so it's not the scope or magnitude of the problem, it's seen as such a big problem because of what it signifies.
3:26 am
we can't convince people saw freshen is just as bad as fraud. >> the little clip from the debate, some other democrats have raised the issue and i have seen opinion columns written in election season that i was shocked by in terms of being very, very upset about this, and clearly there is an effort in the state to try and make this an issue, saw freshen. >> and some races are capturing so much attention. she is fighting for attention and airtime right now, and, you know, he should be up a lot, and the fact that he is tied is a real sign that he is in trouble. >> political analysts,
3:27 am
professor, it's great to have you here. >> absolutely. we have a thing coming up at the end of the show tonight which i am really sure is not going to work, and there's a lot of room for error and expectation that there will be grave errors, and that's coming up. (receptionist) gunderman group. gunderman group is growing. getting in a groove. growth is gratifying. goal is to grow. gotta get greater growth. i just talked to ups. they got expert advise, special discounts, new technologies. like smart pick ups. they'll only show up when you print a label and it's automatic. we save time and money. time? money? time and money. awesome. awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! (all) awesome! i love logistics.
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a single ember that escapes from a wildfire can travel more than a mile. that single ember can ignite and destroy your home or even your community you can't control where that ember will land only what happens when it does get fire adapted now at we've got a lot still ahead tonight including the rand paul story that will -- curl your
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hair? is that the way to put it. it will curl your hair but not in a cute way. we've got a thing to do at the end of the show that is going to quite possibly be a disaster on live tv. before we get to that stuff, we do have an update on a story that we've been following very closely about tens of thousands of voters allegedly disappearing off the voter rolls in a state where this year's elections are all tied up. it's happening in kansas as we've just reported from jeff jarman in wichita state. it's also happening georgia. georgia, like kansas, it's one of those states where the governor's race and the u.s. senate race are both literally tied. so democrats think the way to a blue georgia is by registering voters. democrats have been working hard to do that before registering the group from georgia project
3:32 am
says they turned in 85,000 applications for voters in georgia, and then they say half of those voters never turned up in the system, and it's a really serious allegation that was made last week, and the new georgia project sued the secretary of state in georgia over those lost voters. well, now the georgia secretary of state has responded, and he says, he found the lost voters. >> the claim that there are over 40,000 unprocessed voter registration applications is absolutely false. the counties have processed all the voter registration applications that they have received for the general election. the applicants have either been added to the roles or they're in pending status. and county has contacted them to get the required information so
3:33 am
that they may be registered if they're eligible to do so. it's now time for the new project and others to stop throwing outran dumb numbers and baseless accusations and let the county do their job. i would ask the third sector development, the georgia project and the lawyers committee for the civil rights and anybody else accused the county of voter suppression to apologize for them and also to with draw this ridiculous lawsuit. >> we found those voters it's all there. it's all fine. well, we spoke tonight to the voter registration group. we can report tonight that they are not backing down. they have filed an official
3:34 am
request for evidence for documents and records that might support the state's claim to have found those 40,000 missing voters. so the secretary of state is calling them ridiculous and demanding an apology. they are quite confident and steaming ahead. the first court hearing on this is scheduled from friday. you will want to have popcorn ready. we'll keep you posted. watch this space. there are more reasons than ever why now is the best time to be on verizon. one: verizon's the largest, most reliable 4g lte network in the country. that's right america. with xlte in over 400 markets. two: and here's something for families to get excited about. our best ever pricing with double the data on select plans.
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heading into this week, this is what the president's schedule looks like. on wednesday, october 15th, the president will travel to union new jersey to deliver remarks and take questions at a democratic campaign committee event to deliver remarks at a campaign rally with connecticut democrats featuring governor dan malloy, and then the 16th the president will travel to rhode island and new york to attend a pair of democratic campaign events. yeah, none of that happened. all of those events were, of course, cancelled and president obama, instead, stayed back in washington to meet with his team coordinating the nation's response to the ebola. on capitol hill this week, you could almost be forgiven for thinking congress is back in session. it's not. they're not actually convening until well after the election. they gave themselves, you might remember, the whole month of
3:37 am
october off. after working a grand total of 7 days all of september. but the house did come back yesterday and they looked like they were in session for a second. a lot of them came back yesterday to do a hearing about the response to ebola. they're not debating any legislation or proposing doing anything about ebola but they wanted to give members a chance to show off in front of the tv camer cameras. sometimes it went well, and sometimes it went poorly. you just said that we cannot have flight restrictions because of a porous border. so do we need to worry about having an unsecure southern and northern border? is that a big part of this problem? >> i was referring to the borders of the three countries in africa. >> oh, that border.
3:38 am
what is all of this i hear about violins on television? but that was not the best moment happened in a question to the fbi director, james comby. he was at a dc think tank yesterday to give a talk on privacy and inkreuption and how much law enforcement wants to spy on us and how much we do not want to be spied on, and after that talk came question time, and that's when the person from the fox news channel raised his hand and then it was time for things to get amazing again. >> slightly off topic, sir, is there any credible evidence that terrorists can use ebola as a bioagent here in the united states? thank you. >> no. >> no, but thanks for playing. thanks for playing.
3:39 am
really stupid stuff being asked and said about ebola in washington, but it's not only washington, and here on the porous border between stupid and offensive is something called is an informational website about the virus run by medical experts. nope. as you can see down there at the bottom of the page, is for sale., that domain name is owned by a squatter that tells cnbc he is trying to sell it to the highest bidder. and the price is subject to change as the situation evolves. if thousands more get infected and die, this guy might really make bank. cross your fingers for him. if you don't want to buy
3:40 am, maybe you want to buy a fake protective suit, and it comes with no training whatsoever, and if you act now you will also get a free false sense of security. the pop-up company pedaling these items was featured by usa today about marketers trying to cash in on the fear of ebola. that guy that runs this company says, quote, we will ride this thing until the wheels fall off. it's one thing to try and profit off of peoples' fears of contracting ebola, there's a special place for you somewhere for doing that, and it's a somewhat a deeper circle of hell for you if you sunk so low as to try to sell people a cure for this terrible thing that does not have a cure. there are six fake ebola cures
3:41 am
being pedalled online, and they are claiming the government knows there is a cure of ebola, but they don't want you to have it, so if you give us your money we will give you the cure. or you can try these ebola outbreak preventing antimicrobial oils, and rub them into your feet and you are immune from ebola, and act now as supplies are limited. as we descend through the profit tearing circles of hell, the guy trying to strike it rich with the url, and then the fake-proof suit scam and the cures, and then the united states senator named rand paul. >> they have gone on and on and on telling you don't worry, it's not that contagious. has to be direct contact and you
3:42 am
have to exchange bodily fluids. you know how they define direct contact? it has to be within a cut to get on you. this thing is incredibly contagious. people are getting it fully gowned and masked, and they are still getting it. >> trust me, don't trust what the government is telling you and what they are telling you, they say you need to be in contact with the bodily fluids of an ebola patient in order to get it, i am telling you you can catch it at a cocktail party, and all it takes is a little -- i'm a doctor. the associated press pointed out today, his statement, that quote you just saw there, directly conflict from world authorities
3:43 am
that dealt with the ebola outbreak since 1976, and he is a doctor and speaks not just as a man that wants to be president but he speaks from a position of medical authority, and that's where he says things like atphauga hrupl. he is a doctor, and one of the harder things to figure out about him, he is not a board-certified op thank you mall gist, and he says he is, but he is not. eye doctors in this country get board-certified, and rand paul is not. when he says he is board-certified, turns out what he means is he is certified by a group that he himself incorporated in 1999, and that he heads. well, not just him, i should tell you it's rand paul, and rand paul's wife and his father-in-law. he founded their own family op thank you phaulg board in the
3:44 am
1990s. so instead of being a board-certified doctor, like he says, like a normal doctor might be, rand paul decided to found his own eye doctor organization and to have that organization certify him. ta-da. but trust rand paul when it comes to things like ebola. don't trust them, don't trust the authorities, he is a doctor, kind of. there's a lot of stupid stuff going on around ebola right now, and there's also a lot of reasonable concern out there about this really scary disease. it's a real disease and scary and it now has infected people in this country. there's a real need for us to
3:45 am
have a sober national dialogue about it, and we are having people trying to cash in on it and people using their positions of authority to not contribute to the dialogue but to recklessly make things up, and hoping it will freak people out more than they already are, and he surely maintains on the subject at his homemade doctor group that he and his wife founded at a p.o. box at a ups store down the street in kentucky. literally. it is one thing to profit off people dieing from a disease, and it's another thing to exploit those people, and it's another thing to be in a position of authority and stoke your authority on the issue while stoking fears and while seeking to profit on the fears and while you have no idea what you are talking about but people might think you might, and that really is another thing entirely. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously?
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you have been watching the show all week and paying close attention to the news this week? i hope so because we are trying something new tonight because it's friday and why not? we call it the friday night news dump. ta da. producer is here to help me out as our announcer, kind of vanna white with a five o'clock shadow. we invited a faithful viewer of our show. >> our guest tonight is shawna edison. one of the twitter faithful and you can find her on twitter. you can find her@therockdiva. >> shawna, are you there on the skype? >> i am, hello, rachel. >> this is very exciting. >> you have no idea how excited i am. ? >> what is good about this
3:54 am
because of the magic of skype, your head is three times the size of mine. everybody will expect you to be incredibly smart about all of these things. >> i wasn't a road scholar, but i try. >> the one thing that i advise is that you are in ft. rainier, maryland. is there actually a mountain? >> there is not. i haven't lived in the town very long, but what i'm told is that a nostalgic moved here and missed it. >> that's romantic and i love it. prepare for your friday night news dump. this is the way it works. i appreciate you being our inaugural questions. i'm going to ask you three multiple choice questions. if you get two or more of them right, you will win a piece of swag that i have forgotten what it is. nick, what is the swag that you could win? >> it's a mini rachel maddow shaker for when you want a drink. kind of. >> cocktail moment. perfect. >> i do have to advise you, these are very cheap and very tiny. so it's for baby-sized
3:55 am
cocktails. i have to introduce you to one other important person. it's our judge. he is the guy who puts the mad in maddow blog. steve bennett. he is sequestered in a bunker deep in the wilds of new england. but he knows everything and so his disembodied voice will be the one to tell you if you get a question right or wrong. so disembodied voice, say hello to shawnna. >> hello to both of you. >> here's your first question. monday's show. we discussed the modern washington, d.c. tradition of former high-level administration officials writing tell-all books about their former bosses. ronald reagan's former chief of staff john regan revealed in his tell-all book that president reagan consulted an astrology. do you remember all that? here's your question. what kinds of decisions did
3:56 am
president reagan and his wife nancy console their astrologer about while president reagan was president. was it, "a," the president's schedule, "b," what meals to serve at state dinners, and "c," staffing decisions for the president's cabinet, or "d," all of the above? >> i believe it was a, it had to do with his schedule and travel? >> did she get that right? >> i'm going to let the nbc news archives answer that one. >> tom, sources tell nbc news that the president and mrs. reagan have consulted an astrologer several times while they're in the white house, and that changes in the president's schedule have been made based on the advice from that astrologer. >> the correct answer is a, the president's schedule. >> yay, that's excellent. this is going to be so much fun. we're going to do this every day. you got one right. you have to get two to win the prize. we're going to go to question
3:57 am
two. also from monday's show. after a 2012 explosion, a refinery in richmond, california, that made local citizens and elected officials very, very angry at the company that ran the refinery, that big oil company is now spending hugely in richmond, california, to try to elect its chosen candidates to the local city council and as mayor. the question is, which oil company is burying richmond, california, in campaign money? is that company "a," exxon, "b," shell, "c," chevron, or "d," the marvel mystery oil company? >> c, chevron and i like that you made the alliteration work there. >> the answer? >> c, chevron. >> well done. are you ready for your last question? >> mm-hmm.
3:58 am
>> on tuesday, we reported, it was breaking news at the time that a surprise supreme court decision would let more than a dozen abortion clinics in texas reopen after they had been shut down by the state. so the ruling that the clinics reopen. but, this is kind of a hard one. there was a descent filed by -- dissent filed by three judges that they would have left them closed. here is your difficult question. which of these conservative justices surprised some of the observers by not signing on to that dissent? by now signing on to the keep the clinics closed dissent. a, chief justice john roberts, justice samuel alito, c, justice clarence thomas, or d, justice antonin scalia. that would be chief justice roberts. >> i will let one of the plaintiffs give us the answer. >> i'm very delighted. i can't believe we got both
3:59 am
kennedy and roberts to rule in our favor. >> that means the answer is a, chief justice robert, just like shawnna said. >> all right. i know there's tons of suspense here, nick, you obviously are very good at math. you can tell just by looking at you. did she get enough answers to win the swag? >> carry the one, yes, she did. >> i was hoping to get a question about mo the baby river otter. but this is okay, too. >> the thing about mo the baby river otter is he's just mo the baby river otter. it's impossible for anything to be wrong about that oughter baby, don't you think? >> you may have made me figure out the other person he was related to. thanks for watching the show all week and memorizing all the stuff. i'll appreciate it and we'll accepted you your tiny cheap shaker. >> excellent, thank you, rachel. >> it worked. if any of you out there think you have what it takes to survive the friday night news
4:00 am
dump, head over to for instructions about how to apply to play. it could be you with a giant head in the skype field. direct hit. hurricane gonzalo sweeps over bermuda and left the island in the dark overnight and there is fears of what the light of day will bring. on the ebola front, new conditions on the dallas nurse, but why no word yet on how the second victim is doing and how they are being treated. good news and bad news, and wall street survived a roller coaster week, one aspect of the economy is saving people money. a fight over footwear. why is one of the most iconic shoe makers suing over two dozen rivals?


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